Will ALM Launch A Digital Magazine?

via ALM

via ALM

ALM controls the legal market as a B2B publisher. Now the group is getting even larger as it’s acquired Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory.

Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory is “a media and information services provider for the management and IT consulting industries,” according to an article from Folio.

This deal brings new properties to ALM, including a magazine, consulting services, and market-specific products for news and data.

It seems that ALM is prime to launch a digital magazine since it will now have a more significant presence in technology and a magazine being added to the portfolio. A digital magazine would add another dimension to the company, which already has a major hold on the market.

The chief marketing officer of ALM, Lenny Izzo, has told Folio that, “The acquisition is part of a broader strategy to leverage our technology and infrastructure platforms to deliver trusted reporting and insights to more companies and industry leaders.”

Read more about ALM’s new acquisition at Folio. 

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