14 Seats and Only 5 Days Left to Save at the Mequoda Summit

Pack your brain with online publishing and marketing smarts. 14 seats remaining. 5 days left to save. Register… now!

Our upcoming bi-annual Internet marketing conference and workshop are fast approaching. In less than a month, we’ll be in Boston surrounded with some of the most prestigious publishing executives in the industry.

If you haven’t decided whether or not you want to come to the Mequoda Summit this year, let’s throw a little urgency your way. We only have 14 seats left. All of our Summits sell out in advance, and sometimes even require a waiting list.

As you are reading this email, so are 8500+ other publishing professionals and executives. That means you’re all faced with the same goal: Register for the Mequoda Summit right now.

Even more, we’re hitting you with a double-whammy of our early bird discount.

In five days, on September 15th, our early-bird discount will expire. That’s of course, if those 14 seats last that long. We have several companies who are sending up to seven of their staff for this intense training event.

Let’s pretend for a minute that you haven’t read our other promotions for the Mequoda Summit. Here’s a quick recap:


The Mequoda Summit is a 2-day event put together for publishers and content marketers that are taking their print brands and looking to turn them into multi-platform online hubs. Everyone from publishing executives right down to their website designers can attend this event and be inspired.

In the past, many publishing executives have come to a Summit, and bring their staff with them to the next one after they see how valuable the content is to their entire organizations’ workflow.

Save yourself the trouble and just bring them with you the first time. We have an even better early-bird discount if you register more than one person.


In addition to twelve information-packed sessions that cover everything from business development to website design, SEO, social media and email marketing, we have four BONUS case study sessions presented by the publishers themselves.

These are our nine bonus speakers (with more still being added to the roster):

  • Bob Brady & Josh Baker of Business & Legal Reports will be showing their case studies on landing page optimization and Google Website Optimizer.
  • Kathy McCabe of the Dream of Italy newsletter, Shirley Brady of BusinessWeek and Amanda MacArthur of Mequoda will be presenting case studies on social media marketing and optimization.
  • David Pyle, VP/Division Publisher for Art, Jewelry + Yarn at Interweave Press will be discussing how he creates and markets his own B2C live events.
  • Clay Hall, CEO of Aspire Media, Bob Brady of Business & Legal Reports, Ed Coburn of Harvard Health Publications and Charlie Spahr, President of Ceramic Publications Company will collaborate on a panel to discuss how they’ve organized their teams for maximum productivity.


One of the top benefits that our attendees always commend us for are the many networking opportunies we offer including breaks, dinners and our first-night cocktail party. Not to mention attracting the great forward-thinking professions that we do (that’s you!).

At many small publishing enterprises, a single individual can wear the hats of researcher, writer, editor, publisher, and audience development manager. Or the people with each of those jobs can be operating from a different geographic location.

The Mequoda Summit enables all publishing professionals, regardless of job title or company size, to have two days to talk, listen and generally share ideas and experiences…in person…in a world class hotel…in a modern U.S. city.

There is nothing that compares to interacting with 75 other publishing professionals who do the same work, with the same enthusiasm!


Go ahead and take a minute or two to download the Mequoda Summit Brochure and browse the details on our website. If you have any questions about the sessions, or have topic suggestions, contact us and let us know.

But once that’s all said and done, register for the Mequoda Summit.

14 seats left. 5 days left to save. Go, now!


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