16 Categories Make the SIPAwards Your Chance to Shine

12 Good Reasons to Enter the SIPAwards

“To be good is noble; but to show others how to be good is nobler and no trouble.”
“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.”

I don’t think Mark Twain was referring to awards in that first quote, but he certainly could have been. SIPA thrives on the successful campaigns, ideas and initiatives of its members and their desire to share those with fellow members. Usually that comes in the form of a webinar or a session at a conference or a roundtable meeting or a post on the Listserv. But once a year, it comes in the form of the SIPAwards.

The second quote? Like Twain, SIPA members certainly understand the importance of clean work. With the deadline for entering next Friday, March 2, here are 12 reasons to enter:

1. Here’s a quote I found about winning an association award: “Winning after being judged by a jury of your peers is very satisfying in itself, but frankly and perhaps more important, is that the award is a distinction that has helped me build credibility with clients, which is important in this extremely competitive field.”

2. One more: “Why are awards so important? They’re a seal of approval that makes our services more valuable to our clients, and they are very helpful for generating repeat business. The awards are a good marketing tool for us.”

3. For marketers, your time is here! The new SIPAwards feature these new categories: Best Marketing Team of the Year, Best Marketing Campaign of the Year, Best Editorial and Marketing Collaboration, Rising Star of the Year and Best Online Community. Your chance has finally arrived!

4. You will be adding to the overall effectiveness and gravitas of the association.Other members want to see the successful things that you’re doing. We at SIPA can convey that information to them, if we know about it.

5. First-place winners receive $500.

6. If not you, then who? If you’re hosting or writing a good blog, or used video in a successful way, or launched a great website, take the credit for it! Let us know by entering.

7. Become part of the celebration at SIPA2012. Winners will be feted at a Monday evening cocktail party at the Annual Conference. (There may even be a red carpet.) Soak up the limelight.

8. A little ego is never a bad thing. Said Steve Martin after winning the Mark Twain prize: “When I look at the list of people who have won this award, it makes me satisfied. But when I look at the list of people who haven’t won this award, it makes me even more satisfied.” (If you need a break today,check out his speech.)

9. Winning an award can serve as a boost to your professional career. It will become a permanent fixture on your resume.

10. Get your picture taken with other winners. Check out this wonderful photo from last year’s celebration at SIPA2011. It really is a point of pride for those pictured.

11. Financial newsletter folks and other niche companies should pay attention to the category of Best One-Topic Special Publication. This is where your newsletter fits in this year. If you have made any changes, the Most Improved Publication is also a possibility.

12. You can win a major association award! That is a very cool thing in this age of awards. And you can’t win if you don’t enter.


Hollywood has their Oscars and
niche publishing has the SIPAwards!
Excellence. Recognition. Respect. Success.

With 16 categories, there’s one for you!
But time is running out to enter!
March 2 is the entry deadline.
Check out the brochure and enter today!

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