2010’s Best Sipa Member Profile Lines!

Best Lines From the Member Profiles

We’ve been doing the Member Profiles for eight months now, plenty of time to come up with a final 10 for ’10 of best lines. (Yes, the column becomes “SIPA’s 11 for ’11” starting next week!) Thanks to everyone who has helped make the Monday Member Profile a popular addition to the SIPA information circle.

1. “The world would be a better place if everyone was mandated to take a 30-minute pie and coffee break together at 2:30 every afternoon. There would be fewer wars, lawsuits, you name it.”
– Rob Nance, AccountingWEB

2. “Once a year I travel around to our 15 telemarketing offices across three states, putting 1,200 miles on my car, to speak to all of our TM reps. Somewhat to my surprise, they always want to hear stories from my travels around Latin America as a foreign correspondent for UPI, how a witch put a hex on me in Colombia, how I drank rum with Fidel Castro till 4 in the morning in Cuba, how I was expelled from Ecuador for asking a new junta leader the wrong question, and quite a few others.”
– Pieter VanBennekom, Progressive Business Publications

3. “Dig for the truth. Stand up for what is right. Document everything. Treat people fairly. Write clearly!”
– Lisa Getter, Bloomberg Government

4. “I love fishing; it’s a very relaxing hobby. How did it develop in my life? Well… Let’s say I discovered a close relationship between fishing and being a general manager. Before being a GM, I was a practitioner. Now, I’m a theoretician…”
– Florin Campeanu, Rentrop & Straton

5. “I started ‘Chesapeake Family’ on a dare from my husband. I was lamenting the lack of local parenting information in the Annapolis area, and my husband challenged me to do something about it.”
– Donna Jefferson, Jefferson Communications

6. (On a moment from college that sticks out) “Getting up at 4:30 in the morning to study my Shakespeare while running two businesses so I could get my university education and stop painting houses and working flea markets for a living.”
– Michael McLarney, Hardlines Inc.

7. (On a favorite hobby) “Camping and climbing up hills. First, wanting cheap accommodation and free entertainment. Subsequently, to get away from civilization.”
– Kate Mayfield, Mayfield Solutions Ltd.

8. “Publishers should focus on meeting their subscribers’ needs—giving them information that makes their life easier. If you do that, you can print it on paper towels.”
– Greg Krehbiel, The Kiplinger Washington Editors

9. (The biggest career change) “I decided to drop the entertainment career and went into aerospace manufacturing.”
– Stephanie Eidelman, Publisher, Kaulkin Media,

10. “When I left college I was a musician. I spent several years on the road and in the studio where I played guitar/keyboards with several acts including Dan Fogelberg, Brian Wilson/The Beach Boys and Dennis DeYoung/Styx. I could tell you some stories.”
– Thomas Chaffee, ePublishing
(Stay tuned in 2011 for Part 2 – The Stories.)


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