3 Methods for Creating Free Reports

Increase visibility without spending extra time and money

Developing free reports with content that you already have is a way to help grow your site and utilize both PR and link building campaigns. This will help in a few different ways.

First, you will have a greater chance of growing your circulation. If your free reports interest individuals who have extremely popular websites, your visibility would increase drastically. This of course yields the possibility for more subscribers and paying customers.

Second, you will be building a reputation. If you consistently deliver relevant content, people will take note of this. Establishing credibility and starting relationships within your market may eventually turn you into a thought-leader within your industry. Or at the very least, your main audience will trust the content you give to them.

Lastly, the more links you’re able to build, the better ranking Google will give you. Think of each link as a recommendation. These recommendations inform Google that your site has strong content. Since Google always wants to retain users, it strives to put its best foot forward by giving ranking priorities to highly-regarded websites. For more information on link building, get our free report Launch a Link-Building Campaign.

One additional piece of information worth considering is that referring links should be among the top three sources of inbound traffic to your website.

Free Report Methods

The methods for creating free reports include:


Aggregate – This method includes taking content that has already been published in either the free or paid areas of your website, or both, and aggregating them into a free report. The addition of content only paid members have seen may intrigue the free subscribers enough to begin a paying account. If not, you are still combining a significant amount of content to help build circulation.

Extract – In this method, pull out popular content from your magazine or newsletter and make it available as an individual free report. You will have a better chance of reaching new subscribers with your best material. Use this method if you are seeing a lot of interest in a specific topic as you won’t be blindly testing its interest. The evidence is already there for you.

Summarize – This method works the best when you already have a book created. Take content from each chapter in the book and summarize it.

The benefits of these methods

Take into account that none of these methods call for creating new or unique content.

Why, you may ask? You want to make sure content in the free reports align with products that are available as paid products. Using content pulled from the aggregate, extract, or summarize methods will ensure alignment and make it easier to up-sell or make additional database marketing attempts.

Finally, using these methods is quite efficient. You will not have to spend extra money to have content created, nor will you have to spend your own time, or the time of your staff members, on creating new content.

Simply follow these methods of putting together free reports and begin spreading your content to more places. For further information on the process of PR and link building, join Mequoda Pro today and view our PR & Link Building on-demand webinar.


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