5 Stats to Consider About Online Activity

New data shares significant information for online publishers and content marketers

Staying current with trends helps online professionals make careful moves in their online strategy.

Walker Sands Communications, a full-service marketing and public relationships firm, tracked website data of B2B and B2C clients and compiled the information in their Q3 Web Traffic Report.

Some of these findings touch on concepts worth considering for online publishers. Below is a list of the top five take-aways from the report.

Five stats for online businesses to consider

-Mobile accounts for 10% of total website traffic. This number is up 153% since 2010.

There is no surprise that mobile’s popularity has skyrocketed. Do you have a mobile strategy currently in place? Is your website optimized for smaller screens?

-In this sampling, Android was the device that grew in popularity the most, as it accounted for 42% of website traffic by device. This is up from 22% during Q3 2010.

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There are many Android-powered devices on the market. As many online publishers originally optimized for iPhones, it’s important to know how your website looks on these devices.

-Usage of the iPad is consistently growing, with 13% of total website traffic coming from the device. This is up from 8% in Q3 2010.

The tablet revolution is underway and the iPad is still at the top. This number is expected to increase throughout the coming months.

-The conversion rate for Q3 was highest among desktops at 5.8%. The iPad follows with 5.5% conversion rate and 1.5% for Androids and iPhones.

The iPad conversion rate is what’s impressive here as it’s only slightly lower than that of traditional computers. Since it’s convenient and attractive and offers a big enough screen for most activities, the conversion rate is much higher than mobile devices like smart phones.

-The accessing of email through mobile devices grew by 36% year-over-year.

As more people use smart phones, the use for their personal activities like email will likely continue to grow.

What do you think about this data? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below.


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