5 Tips for Today’s Online Editor

An online editor’s position is very different than the traditional editor might realize. In addition to creating great content, they have to follow particulars associated with the digital environment, including content marketing and audience development strategies.

Take a look at a few of these requirements below.

Tip #1 for Online Editors – Get familiar with Excel spreadsheets: A keyword universe is typically written our in spreadsheet form. As many online editors aren’t trained in using Excel to begin, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with it. Doing so will help you better target audience members.

Tip #2 for Online Editors – Learn SEO: Search engines can be responsible for a significant amount of website traffic. Furthermore, online editors who consider SEO are simultaneously learning more about the behaviors of their audience members.


Tip #3 for Online Editors – Work from an editorial calendar: If you wake up in the morning without a clue of what you’ll be writing for the day, you are lacking efficiency. An editorial calendar plots out your content, and helps all the writers on your team stay aligned.

Tip #4 for Online Editors – Be social: Social media is an online destination used by many. Not only can you drive traffic through social media, you can generate more subscribers and build stronger relationships. For instance, when you are on Twitter, use @ replies to call out of the work or insight of other Twitter users, and use hashtags (#) to start conversations on specific keyword phrases.

Tip #5 for Online Editors – Understand the advertorial: Today’s digital landscape has a hybrid feel, where editorial and advertising come together. Realize that there will be alignment between your editorial content and products your company sells. The upsell is something editors need to understand to help their organization generate revenue.

For some more tips, check out Amanda MacArthur’s article on the eight habits of highly effective online editors.


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