7 Million Flipboard Magazines Have Been Created

Flipboard Magazines

via The Next Web

Are you ready for the staggering figure of the day? 7 million Flipboard magazines have been created in the first year since the feature has launched.

The Next Web’s Nick Summers writes, “These ‘magazines’ are comprised of one or more articles that users have bookmarked for safe keeping on Flipboard. Magazines can be given a name and shared externally to other social networks, and it’s also possible for multiple people to work on the same publication, rather like a collaborative pinboard on Pinterest.”

Do you ever create digital magazines on Flipboard or have you read many Flipboard magazines? Many publishers have removed their “magazines” from Flipboard  because they were cannibalizing page views on their own site. How about you?

You read more about these Flipboard magazines over on The Next Web.





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