A Rare Opportunity for Your Company

Instead of our usual company-seeks-candidate job posting, today we bring a rare opportunity for your company. We have a candidate-seeks-company job posting that you should pay close attention to.

This isn’t just any ol’ candidate. This is a highly respected, highly qualified ecommerce director that I have great admiration for. He is a pioneer in the Internet marketing and publishing space and the company that hires him, in my opinion, will be extremely lucky, immediately grateful, and ultimately more profitable.

If your company needs an exceptional leader to take its Internet marketing and publishing to the next level, please read on.

An experienced online business builder from one of the most successful online publishers in the newsletter industry is looking for a new opportunity to take an online business to the next level of success. This go-getter is the man who pioneered many of the marketing strategies and website design techniques that have since become best practices in the publishing industry. One of those is the website network hub and satellites, a fundamental element and defining characteristic used by top performers that is codified in The Mequoda System.

An innovator with a proven track record of successfully managing multi-channel marketing campaigns, this pacesetter has cross-functional expertise in Direct Response Marketing, Email Marketing, List and Relationship Building, Search Engine Optimization (Organic & Paid), Affiliate Marketing, Market Analysis & Competitive Intelligence and Web Analytics & Reporting.

How ideal!

A unique combination of organizational and technically creative savvy, his extremely profitable direct-mail style free email business model has been copied throughout the industry.

Experienced in providing executive level assistance for law firms, non-profits and publishing companies, he deems leadership, management development, and innovation of marketable web initiatives as his strengths.

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An in-demand expert speaker on “Direct mail on the Web” and the “Free Content Model” of Internet Marketing – this executive doesn’t believe in spending large budget dollars on new websites, but taking the existing material, analyzing it, and making relevant changes that increase the value for the client base, and bringing in new subscribers to your community.

Involved in every aspect of online business from promotions … to brainstorming new product ideas… to formulating marketing strategies at the highest level, this trendsetter believes in science rather than hunches.  He says the “the answers are in the numbers.” Or as Claude Hopkins wrote in Scientific Advertising “Almost any question can be answered, cheaply, quickly and finally, by a test campaign. And that’s the way to answer them – not by arguments around a table. Go to the court of last resort – the buyers of your product.”

He has acquired – this is without exaggeration – more than one million “opt in” names and successfully monetized them online for millions.

His lectures emphasize, “To be successful online you must create value for your Internet business.”

If you are interested in creating value, thereby creating profits for your online venture, please email ecdirector@mequoda.com describing your business, and the online opportunity.

This online business builder is waiting to help you. Together, you can increase your web presence, your brand, and your profits. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity—don’t miss it.


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