Aggregage Receives Funding

via Aggregage

via Aggregage

Aggregage is a digital media company looking to get involved with the B2B industry, and target B2B publishers in the process.

According to Folio, the company aggregates “content into vertically oriented newsletters and website hubs.” The article continues, “The company says it is exploiting a print market in decline, and its associated costs, by touting its ability to provide relevance and personalization in an information-overloaded world.“

Aggregage is working now to build a network of websites and newsletters that will be filled with content from bloggers and important figures in the respective industries.

The company ranks its content based upon popularity formulated in social media. The higher the amount of engagement created by a post, the higher it will rank.

According to the article, eLearning Learning, the parent company behind Aggregage receives 50,000 visitors each month.

Read more about Aggregage and its place in the B2B market at Folio. 

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