An Email Strategy for Content Marketing

Components of effective content marketing

Once you’ve built up your subscriber list, how do you go about keeping all the converted email subscribers on your email list? The first step is creating good content. What is the next step?

Consistency is a must when it comes to content marketing. Create an email calendar that will plan out the content of the emails you send. This will help you optimize revenue, profits and reader satisfaction. For most online publishers, we recommend daily email campaigns.

Think of an email newsletter like a daily newspaper. It can be part of someone’s daily routine. They will look forward to fresh content to keep them informed on their industry, or to serve as a piece of daily inspiration. Consistency will lead the recipients to expect the newsletter. It creates loyalty between them and your brand.

What types of emails do people pay attention to?

Blue Dolphin Magazines performed a test in the past that helped them see what types of emails people were paying attention to.

When it came to an email list of strictly promotions, the recipients of those promotions remained on the list for an average of 83 weeks before opting out.

Email recipients who received a mix of editorial newsletters and promotions tended to remain longer on the list. The average number of weeks on the list for these recipients was 140, almost twice as long. Therefore, we can conclude from this test that editorial content does build relationships, and allows for companies to promote as well.

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Email planning cycle

When working with an email schedule, you will want to plan the promotional topics as well as the associated promotions. When doing so ask, “How big of a planning cycle should we work with?”

Keep in mind that over-promoting a product may make an email recipient decide to unsubscribe from the list. For that reason, and assuming you have a variety of products you can promote, don’t repeat the same product more than once every 3-6 weeks.

A variety of products promoted in a cycle will eliminate the over-saturation of one specific product. Aligning your promotions with editorial content will make your best customers more interested in the product.


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