An Internet Business Model for Your Internet Marketing System

Download an easy-to-use Excel-based modeling and budgeting tool to guide your online marketing and publishing efforts to higher profits.

Executive Summary

  • An Internet business model is an essential tool for making money online.
  • Internet business models can be complex or simple.
  • This newest version of the Mequoda Internet Marketing Model is designed to be an easy-to-use starter Internet business model that every member of the staff can use and understand—making it a powerful strategic communications tool.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve created some very complex Internet business models. Because the Mequoda Internet Marketing System is really both a publishing and marketing system, the models must forecast both sides of your online efforts.

The downloadable Internet business model attached to this case study is the latest version of what we call the Mequoda Internet Marketing Model. It is a key-metric-driven forecasting and budgeting tool that includes four new email subscriber sources (SEO, PR, Link Building and PPC), plus two Internet-based sales programs (PPC and Database Email). As I’ve noted here in the past, we’ve discovered more than 20 Internet-related marketing programs that could be built given a publisher’s Internet Business Model. This starter model includes only six (the six we normally use to launch a new program) and can be expanded as time and resources allow.


The Mequoda Internet Marketing Model (Version 4.1) is a simple, easy-to-use Internet business model that can help you manage a complex online marketing effort with confidence.

Download the Mequoda Internet Marketing Model Excel file.

A Note of Thanks
MIMM 4 is based on work I’ve done that goes all the way to 1980 when John Klingel taught me to do print order modeling on a green accounting ledger. This led to the Lighthouse Publishing Model with my former partners Greg Jones and Stuart Jordan, who are both now very active members of the Mequoda Advisory Board and who will have their fingerprints all over any modeling system I ever write. We’ve also been able to program in the hosting and broadcasting costs based on publicly available rates from Steve Laliberte and the folks at iProduction. Finally, a note of thanks to Mequoda GM Laura Pittman and Mequoda clients Dianne Gates, Matt Bennett, Bill Uhler and Michele Bartlett, who are field testing this new Internet business model for their Mequoda Internet Marketing Systems, and who will no doubt be the source of future enhancements.

Please feel free to post questions about the operation of the Mequoda Internet Marketing Model (V4) Internet business model of the source of my assumptions and how they might be different from audience to audience.


Note: The details of the case have been modified to protect the identity of the publisher and program. If you’ve got a case study you’d like to share, send me an email. Your privacy is my top concern.


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