An Update from the World of Streaming Video Content

How can live streaming video content help you?

I read today on Mashable that Ustream, the live interactive broadcast platform, just redesigned their website with the hopes of making it easier for broadcasters to create content, and for users to find that content.

The model that Ustream follows is pretty interesting. They refer to it as the one-to-many model. This allows one person to broadcast video content to an audience of an unlimited size.

The ability to bring live broadcast video content to people can mean a lot of things for an array of content producers. Online publishers could host special events; musicians could perform intimate, live shows for their fans; politicians could use it to communicate with audiences during campaign times.

The list goes on.

How do you envision the ability to broadcast live video content helping online publishers and content producers?

Read the original article from Mashable or visit Ustream to learn more.

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