Apple Now Owns ‘iNewspaper’

via Wikipedia

via Wikipedia

Is Apple in the process of planning yet another digital media device? Perhaps the iPad wasn’t enough for Apple.

Talking New Media reports on this story. “The website PatentlyApple is reporting today that Apple has been granted a patent for a device that could be used for digital periodicals or to deliver advertising.” This device is now known as iNewspaper.

This patent process was first started in 2011 and is a continuation from it. D.B. Hebbard, the author of the Talking New Media article, speculates that Apple doesn’t really have any intentions to develop and sell this product. This especially seems true since this patent was first sought before the iPad hit the market. It doesn’t seem to make too much sense to Apple would go forward with this product given the success of the iPad.

However, with reports of an Apple announcement coming next week, you never know what will be shared from Apple.

Read more about iNewspaper at Talking New Media. 

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