Are Content Exchanges Key to Publishing Future?

via Ad Age

Frank Besteiros, via Ad Age

With consumers craving quality around-the-clock content like never before, Ad Age argues that publishers must rethink how they produce and present it.

“Content exchanges enable publishers to buy and sell content at scale, increasing traffic to their own articles, filling gaps in their coverage and opening up new revenue streams,” Frank Besteiro writes. “If executed correctly, content exchanges will enable premium publishers to share premium content while maintaining full control over what appears on their sites, negating fears about subpar content. The bottom line is that this is a tool that publishers can no longer afford to ignore.”

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Some of the publishers currently utilizing content exchanges include AOL, Cox, Gannett, Hearst, and Tribune Co.

Besteiros, a VP at AOL, posits that content exchanges will lead to greater revenue via more eyeballs and more advertising, improved user experience, and discovery and branding for emerging providers.

To read more about the possibilities of content exchanges for publishers, visit Ad Age.



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