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Are Publisher Content Exchanges the New Black?

washington post content exchangeIn an article for SIIA, Ronn Levine recently wrote about all the multiplatform content exchanges going on in the publishing world. For example, The Dallas Morning News, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, The Toledo Blade, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will now offer digital products from the The Washington Post to their subscribers.

In terms of creating content on the cheap, content exchanges are perfect. “So if you publish content on hospital technicians, you could partner with a health care publisher. If you cover government regulations on food, you would talk to a publisher on nutrition and healthy eating. If you publish information on events in a certain region, you talk to a publisher covering other issues in that region and so on,” suggests Levine.

In fact, several of our clients have partnered up on content. One example is Vida y Salud who partnered with Harvard Health Publications to create an A-Z Health Glossary. “We’ve translated and adapted their content for our audience,” says Dr. Aliza Lifshitz, MD, Editorial Director of

As for The Post, President Stephen P. Hills says, “This program is a way for us to work with…print and digital partners…to both add value to their subscriptions and expose The Post to a wider audience than ever before. We thought the idea of allowing people in other markets who are subscribing to that premium product to get [our content] for free would give us the best of both worlds which is to keep a large paying base and also expand that base.”

Read the full report on SIIA.


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