Are You Semantically Prepared?

Google’s work with semantic search may lead to better results

Google will continuously work to improve search and create content areas for everything. In case you missed the May’s roll out of Google’s Knowledge Graph for semantic search, here’s some information on the topic.

As MIT’s Technology Review states, “The Knowledge Graph can be thought of as a vast database that allows Google’s software to connect facts on people, places, and things to one another.”

The point of Google’s foray into semantic search is to interpret what the searcher is looking for and provide better results that look at the relationship between the words on the page.


Many digital publishers and content marketers have been wondering how SEO will be impacted by these changes. Frankly, it seems that providing keyword phrases in conjunction with descriptive concepts. Perhaps now long-tail keyword phrases will become even more valuable than before.

Google is not the first company to work with semantics in search. Wolfram Alpha is responsible for working with Apple to create Siri for iPhone. It will be interesting to see how far semantics goes in search. Thus far, it hasn’t appeared to be detrimental to digital publishers.

Have you seen the Knowledge Graph in action? Do you find its results more helpful than before? Please share your thoughts on semantic search in the comments below.


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