Audience Extension And Digital Publishing

audience development strategyAre you familiar with audience extension and how it’s used in the digital publishing industry? In case you aren’t, here’s a quick refresher on the topic and some statistics to go with it.

ReTargeter defines audience extension as “a technology that allows digital publishers to generate revenue from their web traffic by allowing advertisers to reach their audience far beyond their website.”

A new article from eMarketer shares statistics on audience extensions, as the use of them has grown in the digital publishing world. According to the article, “Publishers were most likely to include audience extension in campaign proposals to extend reach and add impressions, with the percentage of respondents citing this rising from 47% to 73% year over year.”

An overall increase in the use of audience extension in campaign proposals has been reported. The increase lies at 31%.

Read more about the statistics on audience extension at eMarketer. 

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