The Best Digital Ads For Clicks

via eMarketer

via eMarketer

The internet hosts a variety of internet ads, from standard banners to video banners and rich media. Since there is a variety, it’s best to get an idea of which digital ads work the best for things like click throughs and engagement.

An article from eMarketer shares September 2014 data from Adform, which focused on the worldwide metrics of digital display ads. According to the article, “Adform found that CTR for standard banners was 0.12%, while those for rich media ads were 0.44%—267% higher.”

It continues to state that factors like “high-impact format, premium spots on publisher sites, and bigger sizes” all play part in the higher popularity in media rich banners.

When it came to engagement, media rich ads also beat the competition, whose engagement rate was 16.85%. Standard banners came in a distant second with a 2.14% engagement rate.

Find more stats on media rich advertising at eMarketer. 

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