Best New Magazines According to Library Journal

In a recent piece that outlines indicators of a magazine recovery, Library Journal also lists its best new magazines.

Here are its top 10:

  • allrecipes: The Meredith property is a successful outlier, producing a hard copy from a dominant all-digital product.
  • Anew: English-language journal of fashion, painting, photography, architecture, and creative nonfiction produced in Milan.
  • First American Art: Content, contributors, and editorial staff are all Native American.
  • Fool:Many of the illustrations are quite striking, like the full-page images of fermented rice roaches, ox spleen, and lamb tripe.” Need you know more?
  • Gygax: A magazine for fantasy adventure game enthusiasts.
  • Modern Farmer: A magazine for small-scale sustainable farmers.
  • Nautilus: Light on ads and heavy on production values, this journal covers physics, sociology, mathematics, and medicine.
  • [wherever]: A travel magazine with high aspirations and top-notch photography and illustration.
  • World of Animals: A British monthly from the great Imagine Publishing.
  • World Wildlife: A new quarterly from the World Wildlife Federation.

LJ cites in stating that there were 198 magazine launches in 2013, with 87 closures.

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