Blogging Advice: A Few Words From Our Readers

Passing along some blogging advice from Mequoda’s most loyal readers

We love when people comment on the blog posts we write, which is why we generally end every blog post with an introduction to discuss the article in the comments section. Often times, we get noteworthy blog comments worth their own blog post, so today I’d like to share some of those blog comments and I hope you’ll add your own discussions in the comments here.

On 9 SEO Blogging Tips for Search Engine-Friendly Articles, which discusses all the ways that you can boost SEO rank on your articles, Matt writes, “I think that commenting is very valuable. The more you comment on other blogs, the more comments you get back on your blog, since many bloggers like to return the favor. Google is also indexing these comments, so it’s like adding extra content, and showing that the blog is ‘alive and kicking’. This has to help a bit as a general SEO factor.”

We couldn’t agree more, as we’ve seen our own posts and those of our clients jump in rank when comments are added. This is also why we added commenting features to our free white paper landing pages.

In Do You Understand the Mindset Behind Sharing, we discussed the New York Times study called “The Psychology of Sharing”, which was executed to determine why people share online.

On this post, Tom Hughes writes, “Here’s how I see the difference between emailing something and posting it to Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter. When I email something it says, ‘I am thinking of you’ (the recipient); when I post something to a social network, it says mostly ‘I am thinking of myself’ and broadcasting my opinion of what is interesting to all and sundry. It’s nice to have that broadcast option, but usually when I see something interesting online, I like to match it to the people who I think would also appreciate it. It’s rare that I see something that is of such wide interest (and not already shared widely) that I post it to the social networks.”

The thing here is that Tom is courteous enough not to share everything he likes with the “I am thinking of myself” channel, while many social media users don’t have the same filter, which you’ll learn more about when our Digital Native Project is complete.

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Greg Krehbiel also offered some additional insight on our How to Explore the Online Environment with the Google Wonder Wheel post saying, “You shouldn’t necessarily choose your title / headline until after you’ve done your work with the Wonder Wheel, and you should track each step in the process with Google Trends. For example, which phrase is going to get more traffic, “Landing page templates” or “landing page design”? If the two phrases are equally useful for your target market (not sure if they are in this case), you should pick the one that gets more traffic.”

Speaking of SEO, a fellow named Pete had some commentary for our Google Re-Indexed the World, Decided it’s 83% Bigger post. He writes, “This all reminds me of the stock market. A perfectly good company does business one day the same as the next, yet their “value” can vary differently (up or down) based on outside forces. Unfortunately, people trying to do a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay get punished, in effect, by people who have learned to game the system. Well, at least Google has tried to fight back against the SEO gamers who flood the Web with trivial information trying to generate higher rankings and clicks they can sell to advertisers. Hopefully, in the end, “quality” will win out after all.”

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