Internet Media Review Names Best Online Book Marketer

Bristol, RI – September 23, 2004 – Internet Media Review Names Best Online Book Marketer

Amazon affiliate has won the IMR Business Strategy Award 2004 for using best strategies and practices to make money selling other people’s books online. The other top 9 sites rated in the study do well, but would do far better if they followed a few simple rules.

The IMR report focuses on Best Website Design Practices for online publishers already reviewing and selling other people’s books online, and, perhaps more valuable, for those contemplating launching an affiliate marketing program from scratch.

Many of the top-grossing affiliates studied by IMR are missing opportunities to make money due to poor website navigation and the lack of a clear strategy in their book review sections. While each site reviewed is a top-ranked Amazon affiliate, most are missing obvious efforts to promote their online bookstores. With a few simple changes, these sites could see a significant increase in revenue.

Among the key metrics studied by IMR were: having a link to book reviews in a dominant marketing quadrant, quality and functionality of browse, quality and functionality of search, books reviews in persistent navigation, helpfulness of reviews and credibility of reviewer. came in a close second to for successful compliance of these key metrics.

The Association of American Publishers reports that book sales in 2003 are up by 6 percent, coinciding with the U.S Census Bureau report that total bookstore sales in 2003 topped $16 billion. is reported as having a $2.3 billion share of that figure. Becoming an Amazon affiliate can prove to be very lucrative for an online publication if done correctly.

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