10 Things to Consider Before Your Next Magazine Website Redesign

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Every experience you’ve ever had building and rebuilding a magazine website typically begins with you explaining what you want, and then you telling a group of developers and designers what to do and what to fix. But when did you become an expert in digital publishing strategy and website architecture?

Let’s face it: The era of digital publishing has made things much more complicated. Magazines are in the process of adapting to an ever-growing web-based audience. As a magazine publisher, there’s no question that using digital platforms is the way of the future. But how are you going to make the transition successfully, while running a business?

Naturally, you seek out a web development company or a custom CMS developer. And you will find very capable options out there with beautiful portfolios. Design, integration, aesthetics will all be assured, and most are even very capable of developing SEO-friendly architecture. And best of all — you’re in charge!

But wait a minute, are you really expected be the expert leading this web development team in making sure they build a website that is going to improve your attraction, conversion, engagement, and monetization metrics?

While it’s possible to find a web development company that claims they know about things like digital publishing or SEO, it’s extremely rare that this same company would go so far as to build you a five-year business plan and hold themselves accountable for the results of your pretty new website. This leaves you as the expert with a lot riding on your shoulders of a probable big investment.

But why should strategy and design be separated skillsets?

Because web developers aren’t strategic planners, and consultants aren’t coders or designers so they will often provide you with a strategy and expect you to find the means to put their plan into practice. Hiring a strategic consultant that doesn’t have the technical capability to help you with all the steps that come after business planning is another missed boat, where you end up spending money on a strategy that will be implemented by a stranger.

It’s harder to find, but if you’re in the process of planning to redesign your website, I (not so unbiasedly) suggest you look for a custom CMS development company that specializes in both.

If you can, try to find an organization that will:

  1. Compile research for your new online audience   
  2. Train your organization for success
  3. Plan for the content you already have
  4. Utilize multiple platforms for increased revenue mix
  5. Organize your efforts under one roof
  6. Choose the best system management technology
  7. Measure important data you’ve compiled
  8. Ensure a profitable exit strategy
  9. Oversee and implement your new website and provide continued maintenance
  10. Optimize analytics operations and systems

The services outlined above touch upon the wide breadth of skills your consultant should have at his or her disposal. You need a consultant that is interdisciplinary in their approach and willing to do more than simply advise your efforts. They should be working for you, with you, and helping set up a system that will last.

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