4 Ways to Benefit from an Engagement with Mequoda

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You wouldn’t hire a lawn mower repairman to fix your car, so why do so many publishers seek the support and advice of consultants and web developers that have never worked in the publishing field? At Mequoda, we know content, and we know content marketing, because we’re a group of journalism veterans turned consultants and developers.


As I’ve mentioned in previous spotlights, we are quite picky when choosing who to work with. It’s not because we’re snobs, our decision is based on practicality and is in your best interests. Out of the 150+ applications we get every year, we accept less than ten. This is based on whether we believe an organization is ready, and has the resources or at least the mindset to get the most from working with us. By accepting all applicants, we would be doing a disservice to the 90% of organizations that are only ready to listen, and can’t yet put our Method into practice.

We currently offer four ways to engage with us and not only learn the Mequoda Method, but also put it into practice.

1. Educational Services: Before all else, we encourage you to take advantage of our free educational programming and to become more familiar with Mequoda concepts and terminology. By reading the Mequoda Daily, subscribing to our free email newsletters, reading our downloadable free reports,  and watching our free webcasts, you’ll be even better informed about the Mequoda Method and how publishers succeed online with our strategy and tactics. If you’re not already receiving our regular email newsletters, by downloading one of our free reports, you’ll be opted-in to receive our email newsletters, too.

2. Planning Services: No good idea is best implemented without proper planning. And at Mequoda, we’re committed to planning to ensure best outcomes. The best way to start working with Mequoda is to secure a spot in our 60-Day Business Transformation Planning Program—a powerful, collaborative project that examines all of your current business assets and content; scopes your marketplace with keyword universe research; identifies key online competitors; audits your current system and practices; brainstorms new products and new revenue-generating initiatives; and recommends a plan that includes strategy, content, marketing, and technology solutions.

3. Development Services: Mequoda clients routinely double, even triple, their profits in five years or less by using our custom-built software platform, Haven CXMS™—the only customer experience management system created by publishers, for publishers…custom CMS development at a fraction of the normal cost. Your Haven CXMS will handle everything from content production to content marketing and fulfillment. Your new Haven CXMS will, once deployed, empower you to dominate your niche marketplace online—watch revenues and profits rise, and join other Mequoda clients who have doubled, even tripled, their revenues and profits in five years or less.

4. Growth Services: With a solid business plan and an expertly deployed Haven CXMS, optimizing and managing your live system is essential for maximizing performance and revenue. Mequoda will ensure that, as a client, you benefit from our many years of experience tracking online trends and best practices. We offer two levels of marketing services, hands-on and hands-off where we can either coach you and your team to practice the Mequoda Method and keep you abreast of the analytics for your efforts, or our team of marketing experts can take the burden off your shoulders and implement strategic audience development campaigns that includes rigorous email testing, and consistent content improvement for new content and recycled content. In either case, you’ll benefit from the successes—and failures—of the dozens of other Mequoda clients who are constantly testing new ideas and concepts.

The Mequoda team is poised to help you transform your online publishing operation into a revenue-generating machine, and we look forward to exploring all options above with you.

As mentioned, the main benefit of working with Mequoda is that there’s no need to explain marketing or publishing concepts to staff at Mequoda Systems—we’re publishing and marketing veterans with a team of trained and publishing-oriented software developers who deliver expert solutions for multiplatform publishing systems. With our methodology and system, you’ll stay on top of the latest online publishing and marketing trends and best practices—and our system evolves and improves in real time! No other product offers this level of value and service.

If you want to learn how we can help you, let’s start with a 30-minute discussion about your publishing business. 


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