Challenges In Social Media For Digital Publishers

social-media-narcissism-emailSocial media is used by the majority of companies that understand the need to be active with their audience.

However, many companies still struggle with social media. eMarketer is reporting on data from Ascend2. “The main issues with social media were related to employee skills, measurement and strategy. Fully 43% of marketers said that a lack of in-house resources and skills was an obstacle to achieving social media marketing success.”

Following “Lack of in-house resources/skills” is “Inability to measure ROI” and “Lack of an effective strategy”, which were reported by 42% and 39% respectively.

It seems that determining a successful social media strategy has been a problem for many companies historically. Polls conducted earlier this year from Hootsuite and Harris Poll show that “the effectiveness of social activities and designing a social strategy” are consistent problems faced by a majority of companies. According to eMarketer, 62% and 67% reported this, respectively.

Of course, it is possible to have a successful social media strategy, which is why it’s reported that 53% outsource for social media marketing.

Read more about the use of social media at eMarketer.

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