Condé Nast Editorial Capitalizes on Viral Content With Accelerator

Condé Nast Editorial

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A proprietary platform created by Ars Technica could be the key to publishers making money off of stories that make it big, according to Digiday.

Also in use by Wired, another Condé Nast brand, Ars Technica’s Accelerator uses an algorithm gauging visits, shares, and traffic origins to anticipate when a particular piece of content might transcend expected unique views and go viral. Once it does, the platform will line up a pre-purchased ad – by the likes of Porsche, LG, Motorola, HBO, Microsoft, who are among the first to have bought in – alongside of it.

Currently, as Digiday points out, some publishers are getting caught on their heels when a story breaks, missing out on a major monetizing opportunity while sites like Facebook and Twitter rake in the social ad cash.

“We’d have these stories, like the Kim-Kanye story on Vogue, but we haven’t been able to monetize them, because we haven’t expected it,” Condé’s Josh Stinchcomb told Digiday. “This allows us to monetize the spikes and lets the advertiser own that story. There’s over-delivery, typically, making the buy more efficient. More important, they get connected to the story everybody’s talking about.”

Condé stalwarts The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and Glamour are already offering the Accelerator to advertisers.

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