Content Marketing: Three Elements to Success for Online Businesses in 2011

With the New Year here, let’s all prepare accordingly

Now that the holidays are over and most of us are back to work, it’s time to get situated for 2011.

Let’s face it, just because it’s a new year, it doesn’t mean things have abruptly changed for the online publishing and Internet marketing industries.

Obviously, if certain directions were yielding favorable results towards the end of 2010, don’t neglect them in 2011.

But with the commotion spurred by the end of the year, it is possible to stray from some important aspects of online business development. To avoid doing so, here are a few reminders.

Three elements for online business models

These three components of online business are consistent. They have been around and aren’t losing any validity to online publishers.

#1 – Content: Content should be a number one priority for online publishers and marketers in 2011 and beyond. As more competition enters the online world, it’s important to produce the best content for your market, or chances are you will lose audience members.

Additionally, content is now the focal point for a majority of marketers online. Content marketing builds trust, helps generate revenue and is easily distributed through multiple platforms – from social media marketing to online PR resources.

If you’re within the 41% of online businesses who do not have a formal content marketing strategy in place for 2011, it’s worth your time to do so. If you need some assistance, take a look at our Content Marketing Strategy 2011 free white paper for help.

Modern times require content producers to offer content through different mediums. If you currently have a blog filled with content, consider creating podcasts or video pieces. Equipment to create this content can be inexpensive and can lead to bigger audiences. With tablet devices like the iPad and mobile devices with intelligent operating systems, understand that your content should be able to be consumed on the go. Even though there is an excess of apps online, it doesn’t mean your audience won’t use yours.

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#2 – Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization fits in with content requirements. If you are producing a lot of content, make sure it’s optimized for at least Google, since it is still the king among search engines.

Your content needs to include free products that align with your primary and secondary keywords, and will be of value to your audience.

For a tutorial on how to create successful SEO campaigns, we have a new webinar coming up on January 11 entitled SEO Campaign Management 2011. It will include all the relevant information for executing a success SEO campaign.

And for those of you building out your Keyword Universe in 2011, pay attention to the “Relevance” of your keywords. You can sort by Relevance in the Google Keyword Tool while doing your research. This will help you define your keywords better and focus on the most relevant ones.

#3 – Networking: Networking can be looked at in two ways. First, there is social networking based online. Keeping active in social media marketing can help you portray a likeable image to your audience.

When networking, don’t forget your direct competitors. Sure, it may sound strange at first thought, but creating partnerships with your competition can be mutually beneficial for those involved.

However, more importantly, there is in-person networking. Just because social media is popular nowadays, it doesn’t mean networking face-to-face has died. Take the opportunities to meet with industry members to discuss issues and share stories of success.

If you are looking for such an opportunity, join us in San Ramon, CA for the Mequoda Summit West 2011 from April 5-8. You will have the chance to learn content marketing strategies, procedures for search engine optimization and social media marketing. You will also experience plenty of networking time throughout the four days. Learn more and register early for the Mequoda Summit West 2011.


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