Content Marketing Tips for Leveraging Magazine Content

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Whether you have years of back-issue magazine content, or you’ve compiled information that has never been seen by the eyes of your niche audience, you can be leveraging that content in the digital age.

Content marketing and ways of leveraging that content go hand in hand. Improving and enhancing the audience’s experiences with your content is the name of the game. In order to do this, you have to supply them with the content and do so in any number of multi-media platforms that your audience members use on a regular basis.

4 ways of leveraging content

The landscape for online publishing has turned to the world of digital technology. The Internet has become a medium for traditional print publishers to reach the tech-savvy audience, while bringing new dimensions to classic content distribution.

The following four methods of leveraging content are being used by online publishers who are looking to stay ahead of the competition while staying on the forefront of new technologies.

Audio Podcasts

In a society where mobile devices and smart phones are still gaining in popularity, an audio podcast can be a great way to spread content on the go. By offering interesting audio pieces, you audience can download the content and bring it with them while on the go, be it on their iPod, iPhone, Android or iPad.

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Video Podcasts

If your content can benefit your audience even more by being visual, video podcasts are a great medium. For instance, imagine a music instructor teaching through the written word. It can be effective to some, but chances are many of the audience members learn better by seeing how to accurately play a scale or song. The ability to instruct through video makes how-to pieces much more interesting and valuable.

Slide Books

This newer concept is starting to catch on as it incorporates audio with slide presentations for an added visual component. These cliff note-esque information pieces are perfect for briefly describing subjects that may be daunting. The combination of audio and visual components has the ability to engage people with a variety of preferred learning types.


Getting back to the topic of mobile devices and smart phones, apps are a direction content producers can go to provide a unique, interactive experience for users on the go or at home. Companies like Kraft have released branded apps that house libraries of content in addition to multi-media games.

PixelMags recently reported that within the 4 months the iPad’s been on the market, their sales have increased by 235%. The company’s goal, according to its press release, is to “provide the most realistic digital reading experience available.” This type of success shows two things: Apps are hugely popular and just starting to take the flight towards success, and that the company must be reaching their goal.

Regardless of the amount of content you have available, bringing that information to different mediums will help reach bigger audiences.

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