Content Monetization: Editorial Analytics Are Key

via MediaBistro

via MediaBistro

Uyen Tieu, co-founder and CRO of Rumble, writes on MediaBistro that analytics can help publishers unlock their editorial content’s potential on both the reader and business sides. In fact, she says, they are necessary to stay competitive.

“In a world where you cannot sit on your laurels, where a strong brand does not guarantee high traffic and where there are infinite options of where to get your news, discoverability and relevancy are critical players for an editorial team,” Tieu writes.

“By playing a greater role in data analytics, editors can continue to make great content, but also be empowered to make business decisions that enable the monetization of their content.”

Tieu argues that publishers must look beyond page views “to understand which articles are resonating,” and suggests data tagging and better native ad metrics.

To read more of Uyen Tieu’s essay on content monetization, visit MediaBistro.

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