Content News: Branded Content Takes New Form

Are you surprised content marketing and social media are legitimate Internet business models?

Content marketing was poised to be one of the top Internet business models because it isn’t gimmicky like other forms of online advertising. Most true forms of content marketing allow users to sample content before making a purchase. Perhaps that’s the way marketing should always be.

Content marketing moves into new areas

As far as Internet business models go, content marketing is expansive. Digital publishers, content producers, and advertising executives are using it beyond typical avenues to create an array of branded content.

Creating white papers is not a new concept for publishers, but what about infographics and videos? The options have grown and audiences are accepting of different content.

Are you utilizing content marketing for your brand? Be sure to avoid these content marketing mistakes. They can be costly to your organization’s goals.


The rise of social media as a moneymaker

Brands scrambled with Facebook. They were looking for ways to monetize the platform and still keep an audience. There’s been mixed results, but more than a third of marketers think the social network is effective.

Have you found the key to using Facebook as a marketing tool? Allowing it to live and breath as its own entity is a step. After all, it was developed as a social network so people could maintain social relationships online; that cannot be forgotten.

However, like all other forms of marketing, it’s necessary to call your audience to action. Communicating like a friend will gain you support, calling them to take action will lead to more significant results.

Increasing response rates online isn’t as hard to do as some may think

A picture isn’t just worth a thousand words – it can also increase email response rates by 20-30%. Including the right imagery in email newsletters leads to higher response rates. Some Twitter users are building email lists with the help of lead generation cards.

The tablet’s position in content marketing

Tablets aren’t just important for digital magazine publishers; tablets are key to a successful online empire.

Of course, you should know how to create a profitable website before focusing on your tablet strategy. But as digital magazines become popular with younger demographics – and magazines in general are hugely popular with college students –  we see the true value of content.

People are willing to pay for premium content and the rich-media options that exist today are very appealing. Subscription options recreate renewable revenue sources and methods for selling digital subscriptions are being discovered by digital publishers.

More significant Internet business models are developing for content producers and publishers. Are you utilizing these Internet business models to their full extent?


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