Cosmo Editor Voices Digital Publishing Trend Opinions

Digital Publishing News for November 21, 2013

Joanna Coles, editor of Cosmo, recently wrote an article for Ad Week that shares her opinions on digital publishing and printed content.

“Digital disruption has been fantastic for the publishing industry. It’s brought in a new generation of people engaged with our voices and what we have to say, and it’s made everybody have to think on their feet a bit more. I really do think that we’re in that moment when we were riding horses and the car has come along,” said Coles.

And although Coles is happy about digital, she thinks print will continue to have its audience. “I don’t think people are ever going to give up on print. You never have to power down a magazine when you’re on a plane. You never have problems connecting to your server with a magazine. I think that what will happen is that print will become more appreciated as we are flooded with more and more digital product, and better curated digital product will become really important.”

Nissan Launches Flipboard Magazines

Platforms like Flipboard are helping unlikely brands become publishers.

The magazine will feature content and photos posted about the world of Nissan performance. John Brancheau, vice president of marketing for Nissan North America, Inc. states, “”We have developed three digital magazines, each with a different editorial slant, that combine to tell the full NISMO and Nissan performance story.”

According to the official press release, the digital magazines will include:

100Rear/50Front – Articles and stunning photography all about the Nissan GT-R.

Car Love – The best photos of Nissan sports cars from around the web, supplemented with exclusive images from Nissan’s own photo library.

NISMO Performance – Stories and photos about Nissan Motorsports teams and cars.

It’s interesting to see non-traditional publishers entering the world of digital publishing.


David Zinczenko & Bonnier Strike a Deal

Ad Week is reporting that David Zinczenko’s new consulting company Galvanized LLC has signed a new deal with Bonnier. Lucia Moses writes, “Since he left Rodale a year ago, the men’s lifestyle guru has been peddling his book publishing services to magazine publishers hungry for new revenue streams. Through his new company, Galvanized LLC, Zinczenko signed on to work with fitness and celebrity publisher American Media Inc. (separately, he also secured a joint venture with Random House). Under the new, five-year management consulting agreement with Bonnier, he’ll help expand the company’s recently-formed book division, Bonnier Brands.”

Bonnier CEO, Dave Freygang is excited to see what Zinczenko can do for their brands Field & Stream, Outdoor Life and Saveur.

AAM President To Retire In 2014

Audience Development is reporting that AAM President and Managing Director Mike Lavery will be retiring in 2014. Arti Patel writes, “Lavery, who joined AAM in 1987 as vice president of finance and administration, became president in 1995 and is set to retire sometime in late 2014. For at least the past five years, Lavery has worked with the AAM board of directors to craft a succession plan.” Lavery is one of the last serving presidents in AAM and helped the not-for-profit organization innovate as well as expand the business by acquiring Certified Audit of Circulations in 2012.


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