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Creating a Management Dashboard

Learn the 11 Key Metrics Every Online Business Manager Should Know

Mequoda Summit “Creating a Management Dashboard” Session Review:

Key metrics are numbers that, when multiplied together, determine costs or revenues generated and their respective effect on profit and loss.

For websites, some metrics are more important than others, depending on the site’s business model. Knowing which key metrics to use can be confusing—many site owners find themselves paying attention to the wrong ones.

First, it’s important to decide whether your site implements a sponsor driven or user-driven business model.

User-driven sites are run by that hearty group of traditional, circulation driven magazine, book and newsletter marketers who have decided to sell information products online.

Sponsor-driven sites are sites where the publishers have decided to make the majority of their content free online and generate revenue primarily through advertising.

In this session you will learn:

  • The how, why and what to test for ad-driven and product-driven websites
  • The key-metric drivers for an online direct marketing or advertising business
  • How to analyze the acquisition and monetization of email subscribers to allow maximum growth for a minimum investment
  • How to choose the right sources
  • How to manage cost per email subscriber
  • How to create a plan to guide the strategy and timing of your online
  • Why arrivals, conversion rates, email circulation, RPM and cost per new subscriber are important metrics for product-driven websites.
  • Why impressions, revenue per page, email circulation, RPM and cost per new subscriber are important metrics for ad-driven websites.

The Mequoda Marketing System’s goal is to acquire, build and monetize online customer relationships. The System is complex with many sources and requires an integrated approach to creating a master marketing plan that is updated on a regular basis to provide the needed feedback on all the activities that running the system entails.

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