Danny Seo Enters Niche Magazine Market

via DannySeo.com

via DannySeo.com

Starting out small and sticking to a niche concept: It’s a good thing.

Danny Seo, the “Green Martha Stewart,” is launching his new magazine, Naturally, in July. The Harris Publications property will focus on food, travel, health, and beauty and crafts – all from the point of view of environmental awareness and sustainability.

According to Keith J. Kelly in the New York Post, the “eco-friendly lifestyle expert” Seo will not go all out like Dr. Oz with the debut of Hearst’s The Good Life. The opening distribution run will total just 300,000 copies. In addition, there will be only two issues this year, with plans to go quarterly in 2015.

The magazine’s specialty subject matter and small scale should serve it well: This trending approach has led to a surge in start-up survival rates, according to Professor Samir Husni of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi.

“I have no interest in being famous,” said Seo in the Post. “I am interested in creating a brand.”

To read more about Naturally Danny Seo, visit NYPost.com.


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