Data on How LinkedIn is Being Used

Discover how professionals are using the popular social networking site

Are you using LinkedIn for professional reasons?

Are you using it to find employees to hire? Have you used it to look for jobs in the past?

According to its website, LinkedIn was started in 2002 in the living room of co-founder Reid Hoffman. The site officially launched in May of 2003 and after its first month of operation, had a total of 4,500 members.

As of today, the social network for professionals has over 120 million registered members throughout 200 countries.

According to comScore, LinkedIn has the second most members out of all social networks, falling behind Facebook only.

It goes without saying that LinkedIn is popular…but what are professionals actually using the social network for?

A recent article from eMarketer discusses how professionals use LinkedIn.

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Uses of LinkedIn

The market research firm Lab42 found that there is a lot of engagement with LinkedIn. In July 2011, they noted that 32% of users visit the site multiple times per week while 35% visit daily.

Here is a look at more stats compiled by Lab42:

-42% of users regularly update their professional profiles

-81% of users belong to at least one group

-22% of top-level executives use the site for networking while 20% use it to promote their business.

-24% of middle-management professionals use it to keep in touch with people.

-24% of entry-level professionals use LinkedIn for job searches while 23% use it for co-worker networking.

These statistics can be valuable to content marketers looking to advertise on the social network. It may also help forge relationships between organizations, which can lead to sales and future partnerships.

If you’re looking for greater engagement with professionals on LinkedIn, try joining groups and participating in conversations. It is a great way to not only spread information about your company; it helps people understand who you are as an individual, and where you expertise lies.

How are you using LinkedIn to your advantage? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


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