Desktop Often Tops Mobile For B2B Publishers

via Talking New Media

via Talking New Media

Talking New Media has realized recently that its desktop traffic is high than its mobile traffic. Not all publishers experience this same result, as mobile is often responsible for high traffic numbers, depending on the target audience and the effectiveness of a brand’s mobile website.

It’s likely that numerous reasons exist as to why desktop has come out on top for some B2B or trade publishers. Talking New Media shares its thoughts. “The spike in desktop readership is probably closely tied to Google’s decision a year ago to include this site in their Google News search results. Prior to that, traffic from search had to come from searches, in general. The first spike was seen in mid-September and has been constant since then. But, besides growing traffic, the main change in the past year has been in desktop readership.

Other B2B companies comments on their beliefs as to why desktop works for them and they cited the fact that they want to reach people who are at their desks working.

Read more about desktop traffic beating out mobile at Talking New Media. 

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