Where Digital Ads Are Most Effective

via eMarketer

via eMarketer

Do you know where your digital ads are the most effective? This is something that digital publishers and digital marketers have considered, if they have taken the effort to create and disseminate such ads.

Now, research being shared by eMarketer coming from YuMe and IPG Media Lab tells the story of effectiveness in digital advertising. According to the article, “Purchase intent benefitted from high video attention on mobile devices. Among US internet users who viewed pre-roll video ads on a smartphone—a group that’s often on the go—64% of those who were highly attentive planned to purchase the product advertised.”

Smart phones also had the lowest percentage of digital video ad viewers who paid a low amount of attention to the digital ads. This was reported at 23%, while on tablets it was 37% and on PCs it was 34%.

Read more about digital ad statistics at eMarketer. 

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