Digital Advertising Revenue Increases

qdigital_web_advertising_061With the usage of mobile consistently increasing (it now accounts for 30 percent of web traffic), it only seems fitting that digital advertising revenue would be increasing, too.

According to Poynter, “digital ad revenues are expected to jump 17% this year to $50 billion.”

Perhaps even more interesting is the forecast for future growth. By 2017, Magna Global predicts that digital advertising revenue will reach $72 billion. At this same time, it’s predicted that television ad revenue will hit $70.5 billion. Therefore, it appears that the value of digital advertising may overtake the value in television advertising within the next few years.

As we’ve seen before, the ad revenue for newspapers and magazines is still decreasing. For newspapers, the decline this year is expected to reach 8.9%, and for magazines, the decline is a little higher at 11%.

Read more about digital advertising statistics at Poynter.

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