Digital Archives For Publishers

via Time

via Time

Digital archives are a great friend to digital publishers. Releasing archives digitally allows for publishers to create a new revenue stream while audience members bask in the glory of so much content.

Speaking of archives, TIME magazine recently released its digital archive called “The Vault”. An article from Folio discusses the TIME release, and discusses how some of the oldest magazines in the country have offered their archives for repackaging the past.

Scientific American, which was founded in 1845, started offering its library to consumers this year. As the Folio article states, “Unlimited archive access is bundled into a $99 annual subscription that also includes monthly print and digital issues of the magazine.”

And this is only one way that digital archives can be repackaged and sold to devote fans.

Read more about digital archives being offered by legacy publishers when you visit this article from Folio. 



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