Digital Growth Experienced by Digital Publishers and Marketers

Time Inc. digital revenue grows; TEN focuses on building content strategy; Mobile header ads experience growth for digital publishers

Digital publishers experiencing growth is a topic we love to discuss, and today we’ll start with a look at Time Inc., which has experienced a variety of growth as of late.

New York Post has the story, which states, “Time Inc. reported its adjusted operating income in the fourth quarter grew 14 percent from the previous year — giving Wall Street a little confidence in the publisher.”

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Furthermore, the article reports on the growth in digital advertising, which went up 63 percent. “Total digital revenue for the year “exceeded $500 million” and is expected to grow to more than $600 million in 2017, Battista said. The plan is to reach $1 billion in digital revenue over the next several years through “organic” growth.”

Battista also sees “market disruptions as an opportunity,” which is an optimistic way to look at it.

Next, we move to TEN, which is growing through a partnership to create more digital video content. MediaPost reports, “TEN: The Enthusiast Network, publisher of Motor Trend and its associated OnDemand video hub, has struck a deal with Tubular Labs for video data and analytics to guide its content strategy and ad sales.”

“TEN will incorporate the video intelligence provided by Tubular Labs into its content creation, audience development, ad campaign strategy and targeting, and campaign reporting for both organic and sponsored campaigns. It will span all the company’s video channels, including Web, mobile, and subscription video on demand.”

It seems that TEN will be using its new digital video content in a variety of ways to increase audience development and engagement.

As for what Tubular will provide, “Tubular provides data and analytics covering audience profiles, competitive market intelligence, social sharing and user-generated content, among other strategic elements.”

Finally, we move to growth in digital ad offering of mobile headers. MediaPost reports, “…mobile  monetized header bidding impressions increased 50 x year-over-year in Q4 2016, according to,PubMatic’s “Quarterly Mobile Index, Q4 2016.”

“The marketing automation platform company said it conducted a full-year analysis of billions of digital impressions that flow through the PubMatic platform.”
Other key findings from the report include:

“–Header-bidding-enabled impressions represented 75% of PubMatic’s total available impression pool by the end of 2016.”

“–Mobile private marketplace (PMP) impression volume grew more than 200% in Q4 2016, and eCPMs nearly doubled. PubMatic attributed this to media buyers’ shift to programmatic transactions throughout 2016.”

“–Mobile app monetization reduced the impression volume gap with mobile web while achieving significantly higher eCPMs. Outside of key social networking apps that dominate mobile consumers’ time, the mobile web continued to offer the leading source of monetization for publishers in mobile, representing 66% of mobile impression volume in 2016.”

Discover more findings from the report by checking out this MediaPost article.

More growth for digital publishers in 2017 is what we’re looking to see.



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