Digital Luminaries Gather in Napa

Mequoda Summit, and Its Attendees, Prepare to Shine

The Seventh Mequoda Summit and Internet Marketing Conference isn’t just the ultimate training experience. It is also the ultimate networking event for the digital publishing industry.

Experienced professionals will be in every session to share their wisdom. Questions will be asked, stories shared, and a wealth of knowledge passed between attendees.

April 6th can’t come soon enough. It’s not every day that some of the most brilliant minds in the digital publishing industry gather to discuss issues, new trends and the most effective solutions to problems. The Summit is basically a networking opportunity of a lifetime for publishers.

Who’s who at the Mequoda Summit in Napa Valley

The attendees of the Mequoda Summit deserve to be called luminaries. Many of them are celebrities in the world of online publishing and they often inspire others with their publishing techniques.

The following three individuals are reason enough to attend the Mequoda Summit. They possess knowledge and experience within the industry that could change the way you approach running a publishing business.

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Clay B. Hall – The experienced entrepreneur, publisher and magazine enthusiast behind Aspire Media. Hall has led Aspire’s Interweave Press to great success in the past several years, having launched six email-centric Mequoda hubs in art, knitting, beading and crafting spaces. 

Carl Kravetz – The president of Cultural Asset Management, Inc., a Santa Monica based marketing consulting firm specializing in the Latino Market, and the publisher behind Vida y Salud, the largest source of health information and wellness tools in Spanish on the web.

David Foster – The CEO of Business Valuation Resources, an information-industry company he acquired in 2005. In Foster’s first three years, BVR grew 101%. He often speaks on the changing information marketplace, particularly the opportunities for traditional publishers to create growth with new content distribution channels focused on direct contact with customers.

Phil Ash – Publisher at Capitol Information Group and President at National Institute of Business Management, Ash heads up and He’s currently busy transforming his legacy print company into a digitally focused company and rapidly rolling out a new digital product every 30 days on his print brands.

David Foster, Phil Ash and Clay B. Hall will be panelists at the Managing Digital Media Transformation across Additional Platforms general session on Thursday, April 8th at the Mequoda Summit. Be sure to attend to hear how these successful publishers are dealing with the constant evolution of digital technologies on the internet. Here you will discover how to expand your brand digitally and profitably from those already doing so.

Carl Kravetz will be a featured speaker during the Building Online Partnerships session on Wednesday, April 7th. If you are responsible for business development for your company then this session is a must for you. During it you will explore who can sell your products, and whose products you can sell.

David Foster will also be part of the Digital Product Strategy roundtable session on Thursday, April 8th. Attend this session to discuss strategies for brand development, new product ideas, businesses and revenue streams.

Now you can mingle with the stars for less

Get the chance to speak with and learn from these luminaries, and a slew of other knowledgeable presenters at a reduced price.

We have rolled back our price to the 2009 rate, even though we are offering more valuable content this year: 25% more content to be exact.

Participating in discussions with these publishing professionals is not an everyday occurrence. Hopefully you are as excited as we are.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Napa in five weeks.


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