Digital Magazine Relaunches While Others Launch Communities and Services

Zink digital magazine relaunches; National Geographic launches digital network; Amazon looking at offering subscriptions to publishers

Not all the digital magazine content we report on involves launches. Sometimes we have relaunches to share about, too.

We begin today with the relaunch of Zink Magazine, in both digital and print. WWD reports, “Zink Magazine, the indie fashion magazine founded by Sheriff Ishak in 2002, will debut its first issue.”


“Constance White, a former editor in chief of Essence magazine, is spearheading Zink’s revival in print and digital since it closed last year, and she is working to fine-tune the glossy’s target reader.” Zink was revealed at Coachella and is “aiming to appeal to the Millennial luxury consumer.”

The article continues with information about the direction of the print and digital magazine. “White explained that media brands with a hefty Millennial readership tend not to focus on luxury, while magazines targeting the upscale consumer tend to be “legacy titles” whose core reader skews much older. With that idea, the editor decided to relaunch the magazine as a quarterly in print and digitally, and redesign the web site. (The new site will be completed by Sunday’s issue debut.) Zink will cost $5.99 at the newsstand; the digital edition costs $19.95 for four issues.”

Next, we move to a National Geographic, which is also involved in a launch, particularly with a digital community. Publishing Executive reports, “National Geographic [has announced] a new digital venture, The National Geographic Further Community, to advance the brand’s pivotal role in science and exploration by partnering with a new cast of influencers – including the brand’s passionate fan communities — to create original stories around travel, culture, science, innovation and wildlife.”

The article continues with information on how the brand will develop this digital network. “By utilizing advanced audience and emotional insights and targeting, this new digital network will also provide advertisers with a new platform to reach the network’s high-value audiences – they’re young and obsessive about social media, travel, science and entertainment; they have high purchase power; they are interested in staying informed of what’s going on in the world around them; and they prioritize high-quality life experiences.”

Finally, we take a look at a launch from Amazon, which involves a foray into subscription publishing. Digiday reports, “On Monday, the tech giant announced Subscribe with Amazon, a new program that lets publishers and other digital creators sell digital subscriptions directly inside Amazon’s platform. Rather than buying a digital subscription from a publisher’s website, readers can now buy a digital subscription directly from Amazon’s site or apps.”

“A trial version of the program launched in August with established media publishers including The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal and the Chicago Tribune, plus digital media purveyors like Sling TV, Creativebug and Headspace. Now any U.S.-based business can apply, provided said publisher is selling digital products, rather than physical goods.”

“Amazon will take a 30 percent cut of revenue in the first year, then 15 percent of all revenue earned after the first year. Those terms are identical to the ones offered by Apple’s App Store and similar to Google Play’s, which takes 15 percent in the first year and every year afterward. And while most publishers are experiencing their share of platform fear and loathing, the arrival of another subscription seller fills a need that’s been growing as newsstands and bookstores have closed.”

Launches and relaunches are frequently taking place in this changing digital landscape. Are you interested in launching a digital magazine or subscription product and not exactly sure where to begin? If so, schedule some time to talk with us about the process and what you need for success. We have extensive experience helping publishers launch websites and subscription products.


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