TheStreet Experiments With Digital Magazine Subscription Tactics

Real Money tries digital magazine subscription freemium; plus, the top events in the industry, and the latest acquisitions and executive moves

When it comes to experimentation, digital magazine subscription models are made for trying new things and fiddling with formulas until you find the right fit. Integrating events into your mix and layering in additional ways to monetize content can also rejuvenate your company. Of course, there’s also staffing changes and acquisitions to jumpstart your operation, if you have the means.

Luckily, we’ve found five recent articles in Folio: that address all of these strategies.

Can New Real Money Freemium Generate Organic Revenue for TheStreet?

Subscriptions already comprise upward of 80% of TheStreet’s revenue, but the company isn’t done perfecting their approach, Folio: reports. The publisher’s Real Money property is offering a metered paywall that includes eight free articles and then a tiered system including basic $3 and premium $16 options.

“We’ve transformed over the past few years to become less dependent on advertising by emphasizing the sale of lucrative subscriptions,” says Erwin Eichmann, chief business officer for TheStreet. “Real Money is the first subscription service that we are offering on a freemium model, and we’re excited to do so.”

“Our impetus for the metered paywall was the simple realization that a larger audience for Real Money means, over time, a larger subscriber base for Real Money,” he says. “We are always looking to increase the number of subscribers for all our services [and] a metered paywall is one of the strategies that could be leveraged for our other subscription services.”

Folio:’s FAME Awards Honor Top Publisher Events

Folio: recently named its top industry events. Let’s take a look at some highlights:

Best Conference: The Atlantic – CityLab: Urban Solutions to Global Challenges

Best First-Time Event: Light Reading – Light Reading’s Big Telecom Event

Best Awards/Recognition Program: Glamour
 – Women of The Year Awards

Best Overall Single Event (B2C): tie, Dwell Media’s Dwell on Design L.A. and Sunset Magazine‘s Sunset Celebration Weekend

Best Overall Single Event (B2B): Informa Exhibitions – SupplySide West

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Kalmbach’s Cabin Life Acquired by Active Interest Media

AIM has purchased Cabin Life magazine from Kalmbach, Folio: reports, planning to merge the title with its own Country’s Best Cabins for a combined audience of 150,000. Cabin Life Editor-in-Chief Mark Johnson will join AIM, while the rest of the staff will stay at Kalmbach.

3 Strategies for More Content Monetization

Folio: focuses its three strategies on scale, audience, and attention.

“The most successful publishers seem to be striking just the right balance between quantity and quality,” David Jacobs writes.

“With ad units, viewability is an issue that’s getting more and more scrutiny as of late. Are ads actually being seen, and are they persistent in front of users? But beyond that, how can publishers most profitably leverage the attention their content commands? Branded content and native ad units are currently presenting a big opportunity for publishers looking to provide advertisers with more opportunities for deeper engagement with audiences. For an example, see Forbes’ BrandVoices. When it comes to branded content, the same “golden rule” applies: present audiences with information that’s interesting, relevant and unique. Quality commands attention.”

Mother Jones and Rodale Publishing Make Big Personnel Moves

The new CEO of Mother Jones is former co-editor Monika Bauerlein, while the new creative director at Rodale’s Prevention is Courtney Murphy, Folio: reports.

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