Digital Magazines On The Rise In Canada

via Good E-Reader

via Good E-Reader

The consumption of digital magazines is growing in Canada, according to The Print Measurement Bureau.

Good E-Reader is reporting on this story. “One of the most interesting figures is the fact that only 2.9 million Canadians are reading digital magazines, which is an increase of over 57% from last year.”

Some of the other data reported includes the notion that Canadian digital magazine readers are reading heavily on their computers, although the use of mobile through smartphones and tablets has increased by 115%.

Furthermore, the report shows that people in urban areas with high levels of education are the most engaged with digital magazines. According to the article, “Digital magazine reading was 55% higher in Toronto than the rest of Canada.”

The reason for this growth appears to have something to do with media campaigns being run by Next Issue, which is utilizing television, radio and print in their promotional campaigns.

Read more about the rise of digital magazines in Canada at Good E-Reader.

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