Digital Marketers Moving Towards Programmatic

via eMarketer

via eMarketer

Are you surprised at how quickly the adoption of programmatic advertising is moving? eMarketer is reporting on a survey conducted by Chango. According to the article, out of marketers in North America and the UK, 75% are already using programmatic ads. 18% of that includes marketers who have been using programmatic advertising for more than two years.

So why is there a major shift to the use of programmatic ads? “More than eight in 10 respondents cited better targeting opportunities across devices and platforms, and 77.6% said they saw increased ad performance with programmatic.”

Of course, programmatic ads aren’t perfect, and they aren’t the end-all-be-all for digital marketers or digital publishers either. According to the article, “Two-thirds complained about problems with measuring their results, and integration of data from multiple resources or devices were also a problem for majorities of respondents.”

Read more about the growth of programmatic advertising at eMarketer.

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