Digital Media Companies Launch New Product and Data Initiatives

In order to succeed in a changing landscape, savvy digital media companies understand the need to evolve

Whether it’s a new subscription website, an updated website, or a new digital product offering, digital media companies are bringing new experiences to audiences with the desire to evolve brands.

Hearst is one digital media company doing this with its pop-up shop on Snapchat. MediaPost is reporting on this story. “Over the weekend, Hearst-owned men’s lifestyle magazine Esquire opened up a pop-up channel on Snapchat’s Discover platform. It allows publishers to create magazine-like content, complete with videos and e-commerce options.”


“Beginning Friday morning, “The Esquire Guide to Grooming” experience was open for 48 hours and featured information for millennial men on style and grooming. For example, the channel gave tips on appearance, eyebrow maintenance, ways to hide a hangover and haircut mistakes to avoid,” writes MediaPost.

The article continues, “Earlier this month, Sweet, Hearst’s 1-year-old publication that lives on Snapchat, ran a two-day, pop-up holiday gift guide. Sweet curated dozens of gifts for the guide, which was sponsored by Maybelline.”

10 Magazine is also evolving its digital offerings by launching a curated e-commerce site. WWD reports, “Sophia Neophitou Apostolou, the London-based stylist and editor in chief of 10 magazine, has launched 10 Curates, an e-commerce site with hand-picked merchandise – and a wide variety of price points – from her favorite addresses, brands and suppliers.”

“Neophitou Apostolou and her team took two years to create 10 Curates and have done it as a one-cart shop, with all purchases happening on the site. 10 Curates takes a percentage of all sales, and does not hold stock.”

The next story to report involves a launch of software aimed at collecting event attendee data. Folio is reporting on this story. “Access Intelligence, Folio:’s parent company, and FISH Technologies will debut a new events platform at the 2017 LeadsCon. The platform, LeadsConnect, will allow event organizers to collect behavioral data on event attendees in order to make informed leads before and after the show.”

“Using a network of RFID chips and beacons placed throughout the event, AI and FISH can gather data that includes session visits, content downloads from the event app, exhibitors visited, and which activities each attendee participated in.”

The story continues by sharing what the audience members get out of this experience. “Attendees will also have access to a personalized page, which shows them all of their session content, exhibitor downloads, surveys, and prize notifications, allowing for easy and intuitive access to the content they engaged with during the event.”

We’re part of an intriguing industry which changes daily. As some digital publishers find success though implementing subscription websites and paywalls, we also see other organizations make progress through creating events like digital pop-up shops and specially-curated e-commerce sites. Then there’s the data side of things, which digital media companies are hoping will provide ample information for business and audience development going forward. We’ll continue to keep you up-to-date on all these changes we see coming through.


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