Digital Media Industry News: MPA Releases Latest Magazine Data

March Magazine 360° report carries with it good digital media industry news for publishers

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) released its Top 10 magazine brands on April 28, along with its most current audience data from March of 2016. The findings, compiled by MPA metrics arm Magazine Media 360°, continue to show strong growth and mark even more positive digital media industry news.

The Audience Report charted a 7.6% year-over-year increase in site visits, while putting gross traffic for digital magazines at 1.9 billion. The MPA also announced findings for magazines on social media, showing Likes and Followers total 900 million for online magazines, up 4% over last quarter.

Perhaps the biggest digital media industry news? Desktop/laptop audiences demonstrated notable growth for the first time in seven months, reaching more than 560 million users, a 6% increase.


“Consumers of all ages have deep and passionate relationships with magazine media. As we continue to track and study readers’ behaviors across platforms and formats, we see the continued growth of consumer demand for – and engagement with – magazine media brands,” MPA President and CEO Linda Thomas Brooks said.

“Magazine media produces more social actions than any other medium. That demonstrates just how engaged consumers are with these brands on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Add to that the fact that top magazines reach vastly larger audiences than the top TV shows, you can see that audiences are growing from an already powerful position, as well as extending their fantastic reach with additional multiplatform audiences and social influence.”

Magazine Media 360° measures multiplatform publishing data from 140 magazine brands from 33 companies, representing 95% of total readers. Here’s how Magazine Media 360° defines the measurements:

Print+Digital: The unduplicated estimate of average issue readers, in thousands

Desktop/Laptop: The number of uniques, in thousands, that have visited a website on a desktop or laptop at least once in the specified reporting period

Mobile: The number of uniques, in thousands, that have visited a website via mobile device – including iOS and Android – at least one time during the reporting period

Video: Unique viewers, in thousands, who watched a video at least once during the reporting period via a player owned/operated by the publisher – regardless of where that video was viewed – and/or, if reported, through a separate, clearly branded channel.


The MPA cites sources including GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer and TeenMark; comScore’s Media Metrix, Mobile Media Metrix, and Video Metrix; and Nielsen’s NetView, Mobile NetView, and VideoCensus.

The report includes social media statistics for approximately 220 magazine media brands from 36 companies. SocialFlow collects data for five key social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Top 10 Magazine Brands, March 2016

Overall Monthly Audience

1. ESPN the Magazine

2. People

3. WebMD

4. Forbes

5. AllRecipes

6. Better Homes & Gardens

7. Cosmopolitan



10. Bloomberg Businessweek

Growth (Y-o-Y)

1. Esquire

2. domino

3. Nylon

4. Town & Country

5. Fast Company

6. Harper’s Bazaar

7. Teen Vogue

8. Fit Pregnancy & Baby

9. Country Living

10. Popular Mechanics

Social Media Audience 

1. National Geographic

2. ESPN the Magazine

3. Vogue

4. The Economist


6. Playboy

7. National Geographic Magazine

8. Forbes

9. Elle

10. National Geographic Traveler

What are your impressions of the MPA’s methodologies and findings? Let us know in the comments!

To read more about the top magazine brands and other data from Magazine Media 360°’s Audience Report, visit the MPA.


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