Advice for Digital Media Publishers: Top Stories, Tags, and News From DMSUSA15

The latest updates for digital media publishers from a strong industry source

Digital media publishers and executives move at a pace months ahead of others in many professions. You know this better than anybody.

Whether it’s on a practical level with editorial calendars planned months in advance or with efforts to continually anticipate industry trends, digital magazines must be vigilant. The reward for reacting and responding? If you play your cards right, increased audience. And if you convert that audience, increased revenue.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. We have to first recognize the trends to actually react and respond to! The Media Briefing helps us all out in that regard. Let’s take a look at some of their recent coverage to start out the week!

Media Briefing’s Top 5 Stories for Digital Media Publishers

As Media Briefing points out, it’s hard to believe we’re closer to the end of 2015 than we are to the beginning. And so far, Media Briefing’s top 5 stories for digital media publishers provide an interesting glimpse into interesting trends. We encourage you to take a look at their picks, but our purposes, let’s illustrate a few with key quotes from big players:

“People don’t want something that is about everything.They want sites that are specifically about the things they’re interested in. That’s a very difficult game to play.” – Matthew Ingram, formerly of the late Gigaom, on why sites desperate for scale are fading, while niche publications are thriving.

“We haven’t raised tons of money; I don’t want to raise tons of money. I’m not building this for investors, for an exit. I think that the expectations that venture has in general, because of the outsized exits and valuations that have happened in the larger tech world … will have deleterious effects on the expectations that VCs have of these companies and what these companies will have to do to meet those expectations.” – Skift founder Rafat Ali on avoiding venture capital.

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“There is an interesting opportunity given all the conversations in the industry to redefine what engagement and what metrics really matter. I think the click is going away.” – Joe Purzycki, head of partnerships at Medium, on how digital media publishers are now measuring audience with more nuanced metrics like time spent. 

Digital Media Publishers: Don’t Sleep on Tags

Tags. Necessary evil. Snoozefest. They seem like such an afterthought, right? But the Media Briefing has talked to sources who believe they could open up a new stream for digital media publishers.

“There’s so much content being produced on various topics that publishers are realising tags are a good way to analyse engagement levels with different kinds of content, and get some insights out of those analyses,” Chief Technical Officer Andrew Montalent told the Media Briefing.

“It would be interesting for publishers to look at pieces they invest a lot of effort in, like longform interactive pieces, video content … and to tag them appropriately with various kinds of effort levels and collaborative metrics, like how many authors went into the piece or how long it took to research.”

DMSUSA15 Panel Coverage Includes Tips From Digital Natives

The Digital Media Strategies USA conference in New York featured programming that included the likes of Vox Media, Mic, and Mashable, Media Briefing reports. Their focus? Mobile and multiplatform. Highly recommended for Mequoda Members and other digital media publishers looking for some perspective!

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To read more about digital media publishers in the news, visit the Media Briefing.


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