Digital Native Survey – News Consumption Habits [Video]

This clip from our Digital Native Survey incorporates answers to two questions about consuming information and communicating. The first question is: “How do you get your news the most?”

It’s interesting to see how many Digital Natives turn to the Internet for their news, instead of watching it on TV. According to the results, it seems that apps are a popular destination with Digital Natives for consuming news as well.

The next question addressed is: “How do you prefer to communicate with your friends?”

The technology used to communicate with friends is relevant to online business owners because that communication may involve informing friends of content or products they are fond of.

It’s also interesting to see how Digital Natives communicate with friends due to urgency of the information and the amount of friends they are trying to communicate with.

Watch this clip from our full-length Digital Native Survey to get a better understanding on how Digital Natives consume news and communicate with their friends.

If you have questions or comments on the habits of Digital Natives, please enter your content in the comments below. Stay tuned to the Mequoda Daily for more clips from our Digital Native Survey, including the complete video.

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