How Digital Publishers Approach Time Spent

via Popular Science

via Popular Science

Have you noticed that time spent is becoming a more significant metric to digital publishers and digital advertisers alike? It’s understandable that this is happening because time spent on web pages and within websites shows the level of engagement from users.

So how can digital publishers approach time spent in the most beneficial way? Let’s take a look at an article from Folio, which shares some of the strategies being used today.

According to the article, “Two-by-three, bottom-of-the-story widgets and “Most Popular” rails have been ubiquitous for a while now; full homepage footers and continuous scroll are increasingly finding their way into redesigns.”

The article continues by looking at two different digital magazine websites, Popular Science and Slate. In the PopSci website redesign, the focus has been given to the continuous scrolling option. For Slate, there are article pages that give readers the option to go up to 150 other locations from an article.

Read more about the approaches by these digital magazines at Folio. 

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