Digital Publishing Not Just for Publishers Anymore



Brands are turning into publishers these days, because the Internet allows them to distribute high-quality easily and often. Of course, they have to know the best practices for doing so, but once brands get armed with the right tools, they can become successful digital publishers.

The brands that have taken to digital publishing in the right way have found success with it.

Ad Age reports that Kraft gets 4X better ROI from content than ads. This is an example of content marketing at its finest, and Kraft didn’t experience these results until a few years back when Kraft left its then mother company of Mondelez International.

According to the article, “Kraft now generates the equivalent of 1.1 billion ad impressions a year and a four-times-better return on investment through content-marketing than through even targeted advertising.”

Read more about Kraft’s use of content marketing at Ad Age.

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